GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference 2023

From investment to impacts

  • Date
    4-5 September 2023
  • Venue
    Nairobi, Kenya Venue to be announced soon
  • Format

Join us for the sixth annual GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference (GPIC). A flagship event that gathers global leaders from the private and public sectors to accelerate private finance for climate action in developing countries.

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GPIC 2023 provides
a unique opportunity to:

Engage with top-level national leaders and innovators in climate action.

Collaborate with business leaders, investors, and policymakers to identify new approaches in climate action.

Learn about the transformative impact of GCF’s private sector support, highlighting the role of direct access entities, local financial institutions, and SMEs.

Amplify the voices of local private sector leaders and accelerate climate investment in developing countries.

Uncover success factors of private sector-driven initiatives to enhance the climate resilience of vulnerable people, communities, and ecosystems.

Examine early results from GCF's work in greening the financial sector and discuss opportunities for further innovation.

Discover successful climate technology and business model innovations driving climate action in developing countries.

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GPIC 2022 highlights

GPIC 2022 convened global leaders, executives, and experts from businesses, governments, financial institutions, and technology companies to accelerate private sector-driven climate action for developing countries. Key areas included adaptation, ecosystem-based solutions, and innovative technologies.

  • 47 speakers
  • 100 countries represented