GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference 2021

Focusing private funds for planetary profit

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18-19 October 2021

Join us for the 4th annual GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference (GPIC). A timely forerunner to COP26, GPIC 2021 will convene global leaders, executives, experts and thought leaders from business, governments, financial institutions, and technology companies to accelerate private sector-driven climate action in developing countries.

As the world struggles to deal with the twin crises of global heating and COVID-19, the need to harness finance flows for positive change has never been greater. The world’s largest dedicated climate finance fund, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), is ideally placed to catalyse the entrepreneurial energies of the business world to explore how we can expand private green finance.

Following last year’s event which attracted over 2,200 online participants, GPIC 2021 will help boost climate investments in key areas - including adaptation, ecosystem-based solutions and innovative technologies. Help us solve the climate finance paradox by charting novel ways for businesses to transform ideas into new climate projects and profits.

Watch this space to find out more about GPIC 2021.

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Catch up on the latest thinking on how to scale up climate action by boosting private investment


At GPIC 2021, you can combine forces with private investors to turn climate ideas into reality – including those which could seek future GCF support


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with climate thought leaders on what really works in forging private-public partnerships in developing countries

GPIC 2020 highlights

Investors at the third GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference flagged the COVID-19 pandemic as a wake-up call for efforts to shift portfolios towards climate-friendly investments.

  • 55 speakers
  • 134 countries represented
  • Over 2200 participants
  • 84 banks and institutional investors
  • USD 8+ trillion assets under management