GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference 2022

Unlocking capital for climate action

  • Date
    15-16 September 2022
  • Venue
    Paradise City Hotel, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Format
    Hybrid event

Join us for the fifth annual GCF Private Investment for Climate Conference (GPIC), a flagship event that will bring together a range of leaders from the private and public sectors to explore innovative ways of mobilising finance at scale for climate action in developing countries.

GPIC provides a platform to address market failures, showcase new ideas, and forge new partnerships. GPIC 2022 will be centered on unlocking capital for climate action. Each day will consist of plenary sessions with keynote speakers and climate solution providers, coupled with a marketplace to connect investors, fund managers, donors, technology providers, and others looking to deepen their engagement in climate finance.

This year, the conference will feature both in-person and virtual participation.

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 GPIC 2022 will

Convene global leaders, executives, experts, and thought leaders from business, governments, financial institutions, and technology companies to accelerate private sector driven climate action in developing countries

Focus on successful private sector driven projects and programmes that are helping vulnerable people, communities, and ecosystems to adapt to climate change

Showcase successful climate innovations and solutions, and develop new approaches to accelerating climate innovation in developing countries

Forge new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships between international and developing country private sector entities and GCF



DAY 1 - 15 September

Building the green finance ecosystem: GCF’s private sector strategy

Day 1 will focus on how different private and public actors are building the green finance ecosystem in developing countries. GCF, acting as a central hub in the climate finance space, applies a four-pronged approach to crowding in the private sector for climate action. Each of the day’s sessions will focus on this approach and feature leading public, and private actors taking climate action.

Key themes include:

  • Enabling a green investment environment
  • Catalysing climate innovation
  • De-risking private capital at scale for mitigation and adaptation
  • Greening the financial system

DAY 2 - 16 September

Catalysing investment to create new markets

Day 2 will focus on catalysing private investment to address market failures in critical sectors for climate change. The sessions will showcase how private actors are using blended private equity funds, guarantees, and other innovative financial structures to unlock capital for oceans, nature-based solutions, and other underserved sectors.

Key themes include:

  • Sustainable oceans and nature
  • Co-investing in clean and just energy systems transition
  • Built environment and climate resilient infrastructure as an asset class
  • Food security and human wellbeing

GPIC 2021 highlights

GPIC 2021 convened global leaders, executives, and experts from businesses, governments, financial institutions, and technology companies to accelerate private sector-driven climate action for developing countries. Key areas included adaptation, ecosystem-based solutions, and innovative technologies.

  • 45 speakers
  • 100 countries represented
  • Over 1500 participants